TrueCore Homes and the Semi-Custom Home Advantage:

TrueCore Homes is a division of TrueCore Construction and focuses on the semi-custom home market.

A semi-custom home is a great choice if you are limited by time or budget. You may even find you simply don’t want to deal with all the choices you have to make with a custom home. Even with the loss  of freedom, you’d be surprised to find how much choice you still have with a semi-custom home.

Semi-custom home construction starts with pre-designed home plans that can be customized to meet the needs of you and your family. Your needs and tastes are reflected first by the plan you select, and  can then be expanded on with the configuration choices you make. This can include room size options, extensions, and various other options. While you still get to customize many things, you are still working  within a certain set of parameters, making this perhaps the biggest difference from a custom home. Time can be a major advantage to building a semi-custom home. Where a custom home can take a year or more to plan, design and build, a semi-custom home is much faster. The initial work is already done, in fact TrueCore may have already started on some homes, ready for your choice of options. We may  even have some spec homes already built, which is a great option if you don’t have much time to find a  home and still want the level of quality that comes with a semi-custom home. The cost of a semi-custom home is less than what you’d pay for a comparably sized custom home for many of the reasons above. Many efficiencies are gained by using pre-design plans, building in  developed communities, and limiting your options. TrueCore Homes can apply the semi-custom approach to building a home on your own lot, available scattered home sites, or even tear-down opportunities anywhere in Southwest Florida.

Our homes are built by craftsmen, but finished by you.

As a semi-custom builder, we offer you the flexibility to personalize your home and make changes to floor plans to suit your lifestyle, not our  logistics — something our competition can’t often accommodate.